Tip of the Week: Bring Ticket Sharing Into Your Existing Workflow

June 20, 2011

Thanks to our latest ticket-sharing feature, any company using Zendesk can share relevant tickets with any other company using Zendesk. It’s never been easier to collaborate on support tickets and keep track of help desk requests between companies.

Once you’ve enabled ticket sharing and a ticket is shared with your help desk, you have a full complement of options available to you under Manage > Triggers & Mail Notifications that will let you feed these tickets into your existing ticket workflow.

First, let’s create a trigger that will allow you to tag shared tickets. All you have to do is set the ticket’s conditions to ticket sharing.

Ticket Sharing Trigger

From here you can choose from all of the actions you are familiar with under Triggers & Mail Notifications. In this example, I want to tag these tickets for reporting purposes, assign to my Admin Group, and then send that group an email notification. This will put these tickets directly into my pre-existing workflow, and at the same time let me create individual views and reports from the tag I’ve used (as seen here):

Tagging Shared Tickets

Feel free to play with all of your options under Manage > Triggers & Mail Notifications to customize your ticket-sharing settings to fit your workflow.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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