Tip of the Week: Embed a Zendesk Mobile Feedback Tab into Your Android or iPhone Application

June 25, 2010

Today’s smartphone users expect rich, on-demand mobile experiences at their fingertips.  This expectation extends to receiving customer support.  What happens when a customer is using your app on their phone and wants to ask a question?

Your customer may:

  • Leave your application and attempt to find support on your website via their mobile browser.
  • If they can’t find support easily, wait until they have access to a laptop to view your website to ask for support.
  • Become frustrated and stop using your application.

Your customers should be able to ask for support without ever leaving your application.  If you develop iPhone and Android applications and would like to bring customer support to your users while they are on the go, Zendesk provides a mobile feedback tab that will seamlessly integrate with your Zendesk, ensuring your users never have to leave your application experience to ask a question or submit a support issue.

Zendesk mobile feedback tab for iPhone and Android


Zendesk provides open source iOS and Android libraries on Github for mobile developers to include in their applications.  By including the library in their application, developers are provided a pre-built feedback tab dialog that can be configured to send inquiries to any Zendesk account as a new ticket.  Users enter their email address, subject and description of an issue and the request will be routed to the configured Zendesk.

As you develop your mobile applications, plan for explosive growth and enthrall your new customers by providing support when they need it most — when using your application.  As your new application is climbing the ranks of the mobile marketplace, your visibility into customer support issues will be critical in garnering positive ratings and higher popularity in the marketplace.

Finally, just as your customers can receive support while on the go, your support agents can provide it on the go with Zendesk mobile appsfor iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.