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Tip of the Week: Mobile Access for Your Team and Your Customers

Last updated April 22, 2010


One of the benefits of using web-based software is that you have access to it wherever and whenever you have access to the web. This means Zendesk is available not only from any desktop or laptop computer, but also any web-ready mobile device — your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc. If you go to the Zendesk Support Site from any of these devices, you’ll get a mobile-optimized interface where you can do anything you could do from a standard web browser: submit a new request, check your existing requests, read our latest announcements.

This is not just for our own support site, however; every Zendesk account has a mobile optimized web portal. This web portal carries over the color and logo changes you’ve made to your Zendesk – keeping your branding consistent. Just point your iPhone-toting, Blackberry Junkie, Android Obsessed customers to your support URL – no extra configuration needed on your part.


We’ve also optimized the entire agent interface for mobile as well. Your support agents can review and respond to tickets; and participate in forums just as they would from the standard browser.


If you haven’t been using the mobile interface, we encourage you to give it a try; see what happens when you release your “support” from a desk or laptop.