Tip of the Week: Focus on Support Agent Productivity with Two New Zendesk Plans

April 1, 2010

Zendesk is all about helping you and your company provide better customer support and service.  We've put a lot of thought into all of our software features so that your support team can most effectively address your customer's questions and issues.

But today we're announcing two new plans that go beyond software and will help you take your support agents to the next level by impacting them directly.  Your support agents are at the heart of your support efforts, and we all know that hearts sometimes require CPR.

We haven't quite worked out the pricing for these, but today we are pleased to announce: The Extra+ and the Ultra+ plans to the Zendesk Suite.

The Extra+ Plan

Computer-massage We know that positive feedback raises productivity and improves morale.  When an agent solves a support ticket, we want them to feel very good about it.  With the Extra+ plan, Zendesk will make them feel "extra" good by providing a personal massage therapist for every agent on your Zendesk account. These massage therapists will be highly trained to work behind computer chairs and work around any agent's headset wires.

When your agent answers a support ticket, the massage therapist – standing on call behind your agent's desk – will receive a text message (via a Zendesk target) alerting them to the solved ticket; and triggering a 30-second massage. Solve a high priority ticket?  The massage therapist will add an additional 15 seconds.

The Ultra+ Plan

Exploding-computer While positive reinforcement might work for some agents, we all know that the key to real productivity is well-timed fear. For those companies who not only want to put SLAs in place but also want to show some "ultra" SLA enforcement to their customers, we introduce the Ultra+ plan.  

With Ultra+, your SLA settings within Zendesk are not just tied to charts and stats that you can review later to improve your support. Instead, you set your SLA goals (by going to SLA Service Agreements under the Manage tab); if and when those goals aren't met, Zendesk will blow up the responsible agent's computer. Nobody personally responsible? We'll blow up a computer at random.  Your support agents will learn to get those tickets solved.

We are excited about taking our Zendesk product to the next level.  With the Extra+ and Ultra+ plans, Zendesk can help you turn even the most lackluster support agent into a ticket solving machine.

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