Tip of the week: service level agreements

Tip of the week: service level agreements

June 7, 2013
Tip of the week: service level agreements

Whether or not your group is held to Service Level Agreements, we can all agree on the fact that customers appreciate a speedy reply (and hopefully resolution) to their submitted requests. To ensure your customers are receiving expedient service, you may want to consider using SLAs in your account to help you uphold the standard of support your customers expect.

Zendesk accounts vary between size of operation, number of agents, and the scope of customer base. This tip is aimed toward any and all groups looking to improve visibility and turnaround time for their tickets. SLAs may seem limited to large organizations who contract out support with specific Service Level Targets, but they can also serve as simple guidelines for your support agents and are available within any of our plans.

The latest tip of the week focuses on SLAs and provides some actionable steps you can employ in your account.

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