Tip of the week: fine-tuning your Help Center

Tip of the week: fine-tuning your Help Center

April 7, 2014
Tip of the week: fine-tuning your Help Center

So you’ve launched your Help Center, it’s looking great and you’re already seeing the benefits of offering self-service to your customers. What’s next? As the final part in our best practice series for using Google Analytics with Help Center, we’re focusing on keeping your Help Center in tip-top shape.

Over time, your Help Center requires some housekeeping. New articles are born as old articles are retired. Use this tip of the week to track down annoying dead ends that your customers may experience with broken links, and get more accurate stats by filtering out your own support team’s traffic to your Help Center.

This concludes our best practice series on using Google Analytics with Help Center. You can find the previous tips here:
Ask your data the right questions
Measuring search effectiveness in Help Center
Understanding your customers’ self-service experience

We hope that they can inspire you to continually improve your Help Center and the self-service experience you provide to your customers!

Read the latest tip of the week: Fine tuning your Help Center

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