Tip of the week: Getting started with the Mobile SDK (Part 1)

Tip of the week: Getting started with the Mobile SDK (Part 1)

June 16, 2015
Tip of the week: Getting started with the Mobile SDK (Part 1)

The Zendesk Mobile SDK provides iOS and Android developers with an excellent resource for embedding customer-service features right in their mobile applications. In this tip of the week, we’ll look at implementing the basic aspects of the Mobile SDK using the recently released Swift programming language for iOS and the Objective-C Zendesk SDK Framework.

This tip of the week covers the first steps of using the SDK:

  • Configuring the SDK in Zendesk
  • Enable SDK logging
  • Initializing the SDK
  • Setting an identity

To get the most out of this tip of the week, it helps if you are comfortable with iOS development, Xcode, and using iOS frameworks. You should also be using a Swift-based iOS project and are comfortable with general Swift v1.2 syntax.

One thing before you get started—if using SDK v1.2.0.1 or below, check that you’ve already added and configured a bridging header file into your existing iOS project, allowing Xcode to use the Objective-C-based Zendesk SDK framework. If you’re on SDK v1.3.0.1 or higher, you’ll use the import ZendeskSDK statement instead

Head to the forums to learn more

Part two and three of the Mobile SDK tutorials will cover how to add Help Center and how to add requests and app rating. For more tips like this, check out our Zendesk’s Tip of the Week collection.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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