Tip of the week: personalize your communications

Tip of the week: personalize your communications

June 9, 2014
Tip of the week: personalize your communications

One of the things that I have struggled with as a business owner (I teach music on the side) is finding a way to quickly, elegantly, and efficiently track my customer information, and capitalize on this data to provide a more elegant and personalized experience for my customers. While there are a battery of full fledged CRM solutions available, I needed to find a way that was not only simplified (for ease of use, and speed), but was also integrated with my communications platform of choice—Zendesk.

A great new feature launched in the summer of 2013 called User and Organization Fields. At first, I struggled to comprehend why I would ever want to store all of this information in my Zendesk—wouldn’t I rather have it be a Ticket field? Don’t I already have a lot of this information in my Address Book? Finally it dawned on me—if I have it available as a User Field or an Organization Field, I can store information that persists across all tickets by that user or Organization.

One of the things that people are craving is a truly personal touch in their support interactions, something that let’s your customers know that you really care, that you’re hearing them, and that you’re processing their inbound communication. The latest tip of the week shows you how to do just that.

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