Tip of the week: using Google Analytics with Help Center

Published October 7, 2013
Last modified October 7, 2013

With the launch of Help Center, our new customer facing portal, there's a change in how Google Analytics needs to be configured to track your customer data in Zendesk. Since you can't use widgets in Help Center pages, to track your customer traffic, you'll need to put the Google Analytics code snippet in the document head (instead of the old Google Analytics widget).  The latest tip of the week shows you how. Luckily, with Help Center, this is a beautifully simple process!

UPDATE [November 2013]:
Thisprocess still works, but we highly recommend using the new and improved simple set up.  The new setup option allows you to simply add your tracking code to your Help Center settings. The big advantage with this method is that it will allow you to track both your web *and* mobile traffic, while the method I've outlined below works for web traffic only. 

To proceed with the new setup, just follow the process at the link below: