Truly Caring When You Screw Up

October 5, 2010

UnmarketingBeing part of a customer service screw up pretty much sucks. Whether it’s you making the mistake, or whether you are on the receiving end, it can be tough to handle it gracefully.

Scott Stratten — author of UnMarketing — wrote recently about a truly crappy breakfast he had at a Hilton Breakfast buffet. Both sides handled the screw up quite graciously. Stratten didn’t turn into monster; and when he complained about the quality of the food, the Hilton staff took responsibility and apologized truthfully.

I didn’t threaten to “tweet about it” or use “Do you know who I think I am?” I’m simply a person staying at the hotel. He could have simply talked about how much of a moron I was to his co-workers, or brushed it off by saying “you can’t please everyone.” He truly cared that they screwed up. He owned it. He changed my view of the Hilton Garden Inn and the Hilton overall. And he didn’t have to.

Nice story.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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