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Turning CX into a competitive advantage for SMBs

From AI to immersive CX, SMBs can still leverage their smaller teams and budgets to their advantage.

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SMBs are in a great position to leverage their smaller size when adopting new tools and processes that support their scaling operations. That includes folding AI and automation strategically into the business, building powerful knowledge management and self-service engines, and supporting agents with support tools that enable them to provide human, front-line service for the thorniest issues.

“SMBs want to create an immersive experience in which people are not treated as a ticket, but engaged with as highly valued customers through personalized and conversational experiences,” says Kristen Durham, SVP of SMB and Startups at Zendesk.

While 76 percent of SMB leaders believe that providing excellent customer service during an economic downturn becomes even more important, only 18 percent of those leaders believe their organizations’ CX offering is much better than that of their core competitors, according to the 2023 Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report.

It’s time to change that. Created in partnership with the TechTarget Enterprise Strategy Group, this whitepaper will explore:

  • The state of the market for CX in SMB organizations

  • The economic and strategic realities of CX for SMBs

  • Achieving greater CX functionality through AI

Furthermore, dig into how SMBs can achieve their goal of building and leveraging an immersive CX by:

  1. Focusing on CX

  2. Keeping up with advances in artificial intelligence

  3. Leaning into personalization

  4. Building conversational experiences

  5. Focusing on customer sentiment

  6. Breaking down silos

Turning CX into a competitive advantage for SMBs

Download the whitepaper