Two-way Integration

February 10, 2009

Last year we launched an integration to, and last month the Zendesk Ticket View 1.3.5 application officially arrived to the AppExchange as an AppExchange Certified Application.

The Zendesk Ticket View application provides an easy view of current Zendesk tickets for your accounts and contacts.

This weekend’s update to Zendesk brings additional integration to Zendesk. A new Salesforce widget can be inserted on all ticket pages, and allows you to look up ticket requester directly in your account.


Say you receive a support request from an Ashley James, the widget is populated with the email address of Ashley and can instantly look up any details you have on Ashley in your Salesforce system and display it directly in the widget.

As always we welcome your feedback.

Due to API regulations, the widget will only work with Enterprise and Unlimited Salesforce accounts.