Unite your retail business with Zendesk and Bigcommerce

Unite your retail business with Zendesk and Bigcommerce

December 12, 2012
Unite your retail business with Zendesk and Bigcommerce

Have you ever called the support line for a product you just bought, and they have no idea who you are or what you ordered? Do they put you on hold just so they can find this information only to come back five minutes later to say, ‘Yes, it looks like you ordered the Talking-Santa-Reindeer-Fish. How can I help you?”

We built an integration with Bigcommerce so that doesn’t happen anymore. We can’t prevent you from making impulse purchases, but we can make sure that you get great support when you buy online.

In order for a support team to be efficient and effective, it needs access to customer and order information managed by e-commerce systems like Bigcommerce. Zendesk is excited to work with Bigcommerce, as both companies are focused on delivering easy-to-use SaaS solutions to small business customers. With Bigcommerce and Zendesk, even small businesses can look and act like their larger competitors.

Using this integration, support can access information about customers and interact with them accordingly. If they’re talking to a customer who has made a lot of orders they can acknowledge the customer’s loyalty to the company. If it’s the customer’s first order with the company, support can recognize this as an opportunity to make a great first impression.

Head to Zendesk Apps page to learn more about out using Zendesk with Bigcommerce

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