Our Salesforce Integration Is Slick… and Getting Even Slicker

August 31, 2011

With Dreamforce kicking off down the street from us this week, we’re hearing a lot of conversations going on about how best to manage your customer relationships. The techniques are simple, of course – listen, treat everyone with respect, act quickly – but when you scale beyond just a handful of customers, it can be hard to pull off.

Every customer should feel like they’re the only customer you have. Early on, we saw the benefit of combining Salesforce’s leading CRM solution with the Zendesk support platform. We built an integration that gives you access to all your customer data within Zendesk; and similarly, all your support information when in Salesforce.

Zendesk for Salesforce gives organizations a faster, holistic, and more accurate view of their customers, from sales to support. No more having to be in two different systems. Salesforce and Zendesk data views are available via both platforms.

“Zendesk and Salesforce are our most critical tools for finding and keeping customers,” says Dave Hannan, Director of Application Engineering for Panopto. “[E]very department has a clearer understanding of where we stand in real-time with clients.”

Access Zendesk data from within Salesforce

Access Zendesk data from within Salesforce

If you haven’t seen yet what Zendesk for Salesforce can do for your sales and support team, check out zendesk.com/salesforce or go to Settings > Extensions in your Zendesk account and click on the CRM tab.

Of course, as both Zendesk and Salesforce continue to evolve, we are improving the integration all the time. Some upcoming features currently in beta include two way Chatter Integration, Bi-directional Sync – which will keep your CRM and Support data automatically in sync at all times, and stronger cross-platform workflows.

To learn more about these or to sign up to be a beta user of the new features, email us at salesforce-beta@zendesk.com