Using Triggers & Targets to Integrate with Project Management Tool LiquidPlanner

January 28, 2010

Harte-Hanks, a Global Sales & Marketing Service Provider, recently took charge of its support workflow in Europe by tying together Zendesk with LiquidPlanner, an online project management tool. Harte-Hanks supports and services clients all over the globe from offices around the world. The company needed a flexible yet highly customizable system that wouldn’t strain the IS and IT teams in terms of setup, config, hosting, maintenance and support. As Kai Hilton-Jones, Harte-Hanks’s European IS Manager, says:

Zendesk has been on my radar since its inception a few years ago, so I decided to give
it a go. It proved to be the best system for us because of its simplicity from an
end-user perspective combined with a powerful engine behind the scenes. We looked into
integrating Zendesk and LiquidPlanner because we found ourselves manually duplicating
Zendesk requests as tasks in LiquidPlanner. This was inefficient.


To address that duplication, Harte-Hanks created a set of Triggers and Targets that sends Tasks from Zendesk into their LiquidPlanner inbox. An issue is captured in Zendesk, becomes a task, and is then sent to LiquidPlanner to become a project. This is exactly what Targets are for: the ability to send tickets outside of Zendesk when needed.

“Zendesk and LiquidPlanner — and the integration of both — have made the IS [Information Systems] team leaner and more efficient,” Kai said. “Internal clients have already noticed and have been complimentary. It is a win-win situation.”

Being the Zendesk super-user he is, Kai also wrote this Target integration up in our Tips & Tricks Forum. Thanks Kai!

We love to hear about customers configuring Zendesk to work with their support and project workflows. We’d love to hear how you’ve extended your Zendesk — share your Zenfession with us!