Creative Commons Carol

December 1, 2010

With a special Creative Commons Christmas Carol to kick it off!

Throughout December, we are very excited to announce, Zendesk is premiering Merry Holidays, Please Hold, the Internet’s first (we think) holiday special about bad customer service!

Merry Holidays, Please Hold is a 10-episode comedic web series about bad customer service.

Matt Nelson, head of Matt Nelson International Social E-Consulting Enterprise Leverage Solutions, has been helping businesses develop their customer service strategies for years. As a result, he singlehandedly invented bad customer service. Hold music, byzantine phone trees, rude coffee shop workers, and the fax machine as a customer support tool are all inventions sprung from Nelson’s cold, dead heart.

But this holiday season, the tables will finally turn on him, as he’s shown the true meaning of customer service – both the good and the bad. In this 10-episode comedy web series, Nelson takes a Christmas Carol-like journey through the customer service wasteland he has created; a place where doughnut vendors require voluminous contracts before they sell their goods and restaurant servers become possessed by automated voice-prompt menus. Will he survive? Will he see the errors of his way? Will he stop using fax machines? Tune in and find out.

We teamed up with Internet man-about-town Scotty Iseri of to produce the series. Zendesk’s own Matthew Latkiewicz (also the creator and sole practitioner of Star Wars Yoga) co-wrote the series and pulls on his storied history as a customer support rep to play Matt Nelson.

New episodes run every day this week, and then every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the big finale on Dec. 22.

Watch and Win

Watch each episode and sign up to get email alerts about new episodes over at the Merry Holidays, Please Hold show page. There you can also enter to win one of ten $25 Threadless gift certificates and the grand prize: an Xbox 360 with Kinect.

A Creative Commons Christmas Carol

To kick off the series, we gathered together a We Are the World style cast of Internet personalities for a Creative Commons Christmas Carol. Did you know Lawrence Lessig has the voice of an angel and Mark Fraunfelder wears sunglasses at night? Well, watch the video and see for yourself.

Also, proudly featuring: Leo Laporte, Cory Doctorow, Dick DeBartolo, Zadi Diaz, and Kevin Kelly.

Ask Matt Nelson

Additionally, Matt Nelson is available to answer your questions about customer service and offer his advice for your business. Want to know the best way to greet a customer when they’ve entered your store? Or which headset provides the most comfort for your call center representatives? Matt Nelson can tell you.

(Hint: As Matt Nelson explains in his book The Shameful Customer, the best way to greet a customer is to make them feel like an intruder; and he discourages allowing customers to reach you by phone. “The best headset is a fax machine,” Nelson says.)

Go to Matt Nelson’s International Social E-consulting Enterprise Leverage Solutions to get the advice you need.

Facebook page with some Behind the Scenes content

Behind the scenes photos and videos for each episode will be available at the Zendesk Facebook page. Also, Matt Nelson will probably be posting abhorrent things on the wall.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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