We love your ideas – keep em’ coming!

We love your ideas – keep em’ coming!

September 12, 2013
We love your ideas – keep em’ coming!

5 years ago, I was an overzealous Zendesk customer; constantly suggesting product ideas. I was so loud they hired me to implement my own feature requests! Today, I am a product manager at Zendesk, and because I was once a customer, one of my favorite parts of the job is tackling customer feature requests.

Recently, we took on an initiative to deliver some of our customers’ most popular requests. We listened. I’m happy to introduce to you 5 of our most requested features of the year:

1. End-users belonging to multiple organizations = more visibility
The ability to add end-users to multiple organizations is the number one feature request in our forums. I’m happy to announce that we are currently accepting beta testers for customers on Plus and Enterprise plans!

With this feature, your end-users have visibility into all the support conversations they need to keep an eye on multiple Zendesk organizations. You can use this feature to create multiple organizations based on brands, teams, business units, and associate end-users to all their relevant organizations.

Hey you, early adopter. Sign up for the beta.

2. Emoticons in your next ticket will personalize your conversations
Sometimes, a smile is worth a thousand words. Now you can insert Emoji icons into your Zendesk tickets! Simply type a combination of characters. This will render a little picture in the ticket comment and email notification.

Let’s close your tickets with a smile Emoji

3. All your Zendesk tickets are now printer-friendly
PrintingEven with the modern marvels of the world, sometimes you still need to print a ticket. This feature offers you a clean layout that is optimized for printing tickets. Pass a printed list of tickets to your boss or sales team right before they head out to that big customer meeting.

Print beautiful tickets

4. Know your customers with custom user and organization fields
In April, we released the ability to add custom fields on user and organization profiles. Capture more information about your customers so you can create meaningful, customer-centric workflows. Knowing who your customers are means you can eliminate redundant information gathering and showcase the level of customer care you aim to provide.

Be an expert on your customers

5. Placeholders just got a whole lot easier to use
If you’re familiar with Zendesk, you know you can use placeholders to reference ticket and user data, like Hello {{ticket.requester.first_name}}. But seriously, who can remember all that? Now, we’re making your life even easier, but suggesting relevant placeholders as you type. This placeholder auto-complete feature will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

Place holder

Got a new feature you want to see? We’d love to hear it! Your feedback pushes our product roadmap forward. Post a feature request, or like an existing one with us today. Our Product Management team gets an email everytime you post an idea—we review these daily (no really, we do!).

Thanks for all your awesome feedback. Keep ‘em coming!

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