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We're connected: four new integrations

Last updated March 9, 2022

We recently announced our new integration with Shopify. Here are four more great new integrations to unite popular business tools with your Zendesk.


Vivocha is an awesome online customer interaction platform for companies of all sizes. Use Vivocha to engage with your customers via a variety of different methods. Live chat, video, callbacks via phone, e-mail—all are channels that you can use to proactively reach out to your customer base. Help make your customers successful by proactively engaging them on your site while they are experiencing issues and then solving those issues in a timely fashion.

With the Zendesk integration, you can quickly and easily manage your Zendesk tickets in Vivocha. You can push a transcript of a conversation you’ve had in Vivocha as a new ticket in Zendesk, view existing tickets a repeat visitor has created, add comments to a ticket, and even attach a more recent conversation to an existing ticket.

Falcon Social

Falcon Social provides a SaaS software platform that allows marketing departments to create, launch, and measure social media campaigns in real time across multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and display ad networks. Falcon enables marketing teams working in HQ, in local marketing groups or dealerships, and in supporting agencies to collaborate, ensuring a consistent brand presence across the different social media types.

Integrating Falcon Social and Zendesk will give you a new way to moderate your social media content. The integration allows you to selectively engage in a meaningful two-way conversation with customers that contact you via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram. Automatically tag the Zendesk tickets or assign them manually to a Zendesk agent as you monitor the conversation in Falcon Social. Use Falcon Social templates to answer commonly asked questions that are pulled directly from your library of macros in Zendesk.


Looking for a way to share data and integrate tasks among your cloud-based applications? CloudWork is an integration-as-a-service platform that allows you to connect your business apps and automate key business processes to keep all your information in sync. With CloudWork’s library of connectors and pre-built integrations, you can easily set up a variety of automated tasks so that all the systems you use share the same data. No more tedious copy and pasting of data from one system into another. Need to send a Zendesk ticket into Pivotal Tracker as a story? How about creating a note in Evernote from a Zendesk ticket? Want to create a Toggl task or client based off Zendesk information? These are just a few samples of what is possible with CloudWork.


3Manager helps you manage your company’s printers and understand how they’re being used. Easily create a Zendesk ticket whenever a printer is low on toner, catch paper jams as they occur, or understand the life expectancy of your printers. There’s a wide variety of actions you can capture in the form of a Zendesk ticket. Are certain printers being used more than others in the office? Easily identify which printers are stressed under high loads. Get rid of underutilized hardware. See a history of trouble tickets created about a particular printer, all from one easy dashboard that 3Manager provides.

Check out an infographic: Mobile Apps in the Enterprise

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