When Customers Go Too Far

November 22, 2010

artichoke lawsuitWhile the majority of the world is in agreement that Arturo Carvajal, a Miami “doctor” who ate an ENTIRE artichoke (the leaves, prickly growth near the heart, etc.) is kind of a dolt, Clarissa Cruz, a blogger at Inc.com and a Miami native, says it’s not too hard to believe the man had never laid eyes or teeth on an artichoke before.

“I grew up in Miami, and as hard as it is to believe, a fresh grilled artichoke there can be as exotic to some folks there as deep fried fish bones in New York City.”

Ok, so maybe some cultural sensitivity is in order. That’s fair. But what’s not fair, according to Cruz and others, is the expectation that every restaurant must try to assess each customer’s knowledge or lack of knowledge regarding every item it serves and instruct accordingly. Especially when it can go the other way, where savvy foodies could interpret a detailed explanation over something they find to be quite obvious condescending. But really, the fact of the matter is, it’s not too hard to simply just ask your server how something works if it’s unfamiliar.  Anyone who has ever tried to gnaw their way through an artichoke leave or have choked on the thistle-like growth near the heart, know the discomfort and sheer inedibility of it all, and to think that didn’t raise any questions at all is suspect.

More curious is how on earth he actually powered through an ENTIRE artichoke. The man’s palate is a brain teaser!

Photo courtesy of Joyosity.

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