Your Customers Are Smarter Than You

November 11, 2010

sudoku puzzleThere was a time when your sales, marketing, and support teams were the absolute authorities on your company’s products or services. Not anymore. Thanks to the rise of blogs, Yelp, and its ilk, customers are often able to outsmart sales and support teams deftly and easily.

In many cases the customer can find out more about your company in 10 minutes than some of the sales people working at the company. Between review sites, blogs and even asking for recommendations on sites like LinkedIn, customers are making buying decisions before ever crossing the virtual doorstep of the vendor. These customers need and demand to be treated differently than customers from even as short as 2 years ago.

Enter Social CRM: a term that’s been cropping up frequently and proving each day it’s more than a buzzword. The idea behind Social CRM is to afford sales teams the kind of tools that will enable them to better understand their customers, thus gaining their trust and footing as undisputed experts (rather than seen as just a talking head). But the idea should definitely extend to support teams as well, possibly the most important area of an organization where trust should be built.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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