Zen U. and the College of Customer Happiness is coming to a city near you!

Zen U. and the College of Customer Happiness is coming to a city near you!

In case you missed our pre-launch Zen U. blog post in March, Zen U. is a FREE day of training, customer service best practices, and networking.

Zen U. is now in session and coming to a city near you. Our next four stops are: Dallas, Austin, Toronto, and Chicago. Register for class and join the fun. Your degree in customer happiness awaits! (Take a look at the full schedule for more dates.)

Check out this photo from Zen U. San Francisco:

Zen U Susan event pic

And here’s what recent attendees are saying about Zen U.:

“Zen U. was an environment where questions were appreciated, where I could talk easily with other people in customer service, where I could observe but also learn, and share my ideas as well. I really enjoyed coming to Zen U. and I can’t wait to come back again!”
-Allison Sasscer, FindTheBest.com

“I came to Zen U. because I was very interested in learning about Zendesk’s best practices. I use Zendesk to track all of our customer interactions and I want to make sure I know how to best use the system. I learned today that Zendesk offers a knowledge base with in-context help, and that’s something that I really need to do my job better.” -Christina Porter, Zuora

At Zen U., you might learn a handy tip or trick that will enable you to use Zendesk even better. The hot tip below (originated by a Zendesk customer at Zen U.) is a helpful, uncommon application of business rules. It’s offered here by Vancouver and San Francisco Zen U. instructor and Zendesk customer advocate Brandon Knapp.

Hot tip from Zen U.:

Did you know business hours can be used to prevent a response (made by one of your agents, but posted after standard business hours) from going out until the business hours start the next day?

You can do this by:

First, set up your business hours: Under Settings > Account > Localization.

Next, create a trigger with these specs (screenshot below):

Meet ALL of the following conditions:
Ticket is >> Updated
Comment is >> Present, and requester can see the comment
Within business hours? >> No
Current user >> is >> (agent)

Under “Perform these actions”: Add tags >> Delayed_Message

Note: Make sure to put this trigger at the top of your list, and add an ALL condition of Tags contains none of the following >> Delayed_Message to your end user notifying triggers. (By default, Notify Requester of received request, Notify Requester of comment update, and Notify Requester of solved ticket.)

Trigger screenshot

Then, create an automation with these specs (screenshot below):

Meet ALL of the following conditions:
Tags >> Contains at least one of the following >> Delayed_Message
Hours since update >> (business) Greater than >> 0

Under “Perform these actions”: Email user >> (requester)
(This is a placeholder that will send your previously added comment)

Automation screenshot

Zendesk events are fun, free, and welcoming places to learn and meet great people. Come join us. We hope to see you there!