Your competitors are doing it better

Your competitors are doing it better

August 25, 2014
Your competitors are doing it better

Or are they?

Every team has its own key performance indicators and goals they’re aiming for. But how do you know if “good” is really good enough? Customer service is the #1 factor impacting a customer’s trust with a business: is your business delivering a competitive support experience?

The early days of Benchmark
In 2010, we set out to help our customers answer these questions. We started crowdsourcing data collection in an effort to create a benchmark index based on real customer service interactions. Not surveys or expert opinions, but cold, hard, sexy numbers.

The outcome of those efforts is the Zendesk Benchmark—an index sourced from more than 25,000 companies across 140+ countries. Our customers, who are a part of the Zendesk Benchmark community, can monitor how they compare against their peers, be it by industry, target audience, or company size, based on three key performance indicators: 1) customer satisfaction, 2) first reply time, and 3) ticket volume.

Companies like Republic Wireless have used the Zendesk Benchmark to help set their customer support goals. “We can now see what is realistic and what is ambitious,” said Doc Shufelt, Vice President of Operations. “We set really high goals for our customer support team, so it’s beneficial to have the Zendesk Benchmark report as a proof point to what we can achieve.”

The Benchmark difference
When we compared our customers participating in the Zendesk Benchmark versus those who are not, we saw that customers who opted in and pay attention to the metrics saw higher customer satisfaction ratings (Fig. 1) and more efficient first reply times (Fig. 2) when responding to support tickets.

Benchmark opt-in

This may be one of those chicken or egg things. Does the Zendesk Benchmark help improve an organization’s support performance, or are more successful organizations just more focused on the numbers?

Either way, we plan to continue to expand and adapt the Zendesk Benchmark so our customers can continue to use it as a guide for their support performance.

New things brewing
One of the ways we’re improving the Zendesk Benchmark is by making sure our customers’ industries are accurately represented in our changing economy. Today, we’re excited to introduce the Energy industry to the Zendesk Benchmark. Energy will be our 18th industry represented and will house any business involved in the production and sale of various energy sources, as well as emerging companies who are redefining the future of energy consumption and efficiency.

To update your Zendesk Benchmark profile or to opt-in for the first time, go to your Admin Settings (Admin Settings icon) in your Zendesk. Under the Settings section, you’ll find the Benchmark Survey.

We have big plans ahead for the Zendesk Benchmark, and we want you involved in the planning. What metrics do you want to benchmark yourself against? Share with us in our community forum.

To learn more about the Zendesk Benchmark and our methodology, check out this post by our product manager behind all things analytics and benchmarking, and our latest benchmark report.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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