Introducing Zendesk Explore: your new home for actionable customer data

Introducing Zendesk Explore: your new home for actionable customer data

November 7, 2016
Introducing Zendesk Explore: your new home for actionable customer data

Relationships among people can take many forms. Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers; all are unique to those involved. It’s no different with businesses. The relationships they build with their customers begin and grow over time through many unique interactions and conversations.

But unlike among individuals, businesses often have relationships with thousands or even millions of customers. Across Zendesk products alone we see over 4.6 million interactions every day between businesses and their customers.

However, those 4.6 million interactions are just a piece of a customer’s story. The other pieces lie in various departments, like product, marketing, or sales, and the tools and applications they use to engage with customers. The full customer story straddles departmental lines and requires every team to share what they know about customers and work together to quickly analyze and act.

Our data journey
For years, Zendesk has built many ways for our customers to analyze, share, and act on the data they have about their customers. We’ve helped businesses measure their customers’ satisfaction, loyalty, and journey in seeking support. We’ve rolled out new dashboards and more datasets for our customers to consume. We even help our customers predict what’s going to happen next.

But more and more our customers are looking to measure themselves differently and track new customer experience metrics like customer lifetime value, churn rate, and product reviews (Fig 1). They want to see how a customer support interaction translates into a sale, how a marketing campaign drives education, or how a product update influences support outreach.

Fig. 1 How does your organization measure customer experience?
Customer service measurement

We’ve also seen all areas of the organization outside of support getting involved with what’s traditionally been deemed “customer service”. Being there for customers is now a team sport.

A new home for customer analytics
Last week, we introduced you to our family of products to help build better customer relationships. One of those new products is Zendesk Explore, our new analytics product to help businesses measure and understand the entire customer experience (Fig 2).

Fig 2: A custom dashboard in Zendesk Explore
Zendesk Explore dashboard

Zendesk Explore will be the new home of analytics for all Zendesk products and more than 65 other sources of customer data, like your CRM, website, or product database. With Zendesk Explore, customers can bring together the data they care most about, perform analyses on the fly, and share dashboards with anyone in their organization.

Here are some examples of what customers can do when they mix and match data:

  • Get a holistic view of your contact center operations by combining your analysis of Zendesk Support, Zendesk Talk, and Zendesk Chat.
  • Measure ticket deflection and optimize the self-service experience by analyzing Zendesk Support and Help Center data.
  • See where your customers stumble on your website by integrating Zendesk Support and Google Analytics reporting.
  • Calculate how much revenue the support team touches by mashing up data from Zendesk Support and your sales CRM.

With this understanding about the customer—how they shop, where they need help, and what they buy—businesses can take Zendesk Explore one step further by integrating data and analytics into the everyday workflow, decision-making, and culture. Through the product’s simple, systematic ways of getting relevant analyses into people’s inboxes and even Slack channels, working together to build better customer relationships becomes a little easier.

Getting started with Zendesk Explore
To try out Zendesk Explore today, you can request early access. Availability is limited right now, but we’ll rolling out to more and more interested customers over the next few months. In the meantime, you can learn more about Zendesk Explore on our new website or reach out to us with any questions at

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