Zendesk + Ifbyphone = Superb Solution for FundNET’s Support Platform

May 11, 2011

FundNET Systems creates software that helps investment advisers seamlessly connect with brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, etc. with high quality web-based tools such as compliant websites, e-newsletters, client surveys and investment statements.

Before discovering Ifbyphone, FundNET was dealing with a phone company that charged high rates for basic phone, voicemail, and toll-free services – which did little to help either the company or its clients. FundNET knew there had to be a better, more cost-effective, solution.

Enter Ifbyphone which can take a voicemail, transcribe the audio, and create an audio file of all those messages, completely bypassing the need for expensive phone plans and hardware. But FundNET’s president wanted there to be a stronger link between the company’s phone support and its help desk software.

Its president approached Ifbyphone with an interesting challenge: find a cost-effective solution for increasing support for FundNet’s advisor clients and see that support requests that come in via phone could be tracked in Zendesk, the platform the organization uses for its help desk ticketing.

Ifbyphone’s solution for managing client interactions was ideal because it could easily integrate with best-in-class solutions like Zendesk.

Ifbyphone helped FundNET setup the following solution:

  • When financial advisors call FundNET for support, they are prompted for their Dealer-Rep Number. Their support question is recorded and transcribed.
  • The transcription, along with an attachment of the audio recording, is then automatically entered as a support ticket into Zendesk on the advisor’s behalf.
  • The advisor then receives an email confirming their support request that includes the transcription and a link to the audio recording. This notifies them that FundNET has begun working on their support issue.
  • In addition, when prospective advisor clients or firms call FundNET for sales requests, it is important that they deal with a FundNET sales representative right away – where ever the representative may be located at the time. Therefore, sales calls are forwarded to any phone, anywhere-even to Skype.

By using Ifbyphone, FundNET reduced their phone costs by almost 80 percent, while adding substantial functionality to their system. Now, all of FundNET’s phone support requests are automatically logged into Zendesk. Because Zendesk is also integrated with Solve360, the same CRM system that FundNET uses, they now have end-to-end visibility of client requests throughout all key systems.

“Before Ifbyphone, a client would leave a voice mail and we’d have to listen to the whole message, then open Zendesk and enter the request manually. Plus, the client didn’t know the voice message was received nor did they have any tracking on it. This integration of Ifbyphone, Zendesk, and Solve360 has enabled us to automate support, keep clients informed, save administrative time, and reduce telco costs,” says FundNET President Jonathan Hunt.

“The Ifbyphone-Zendesk integration reduces our firm’s phone costs by 80%, ensures our clients receive high quality customer service, and saves our support team time by aggregating all support inquiries, via phone, email, and web, in one place. We’ve successfully helped ourselves and helped our clients through this automated integration. I highly recommend Zendesk customers consider Ifbyphone as their phone solution!”

Learn more about how you can implement Ifbyphone’s Zendesk Integration.

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