Zendesk New Community Features Webinar

June 4, 2010

Original Webinar Date: 6/2/2010

Providing excellent customer service all the time is not an easy task, particularly if you want to keep costs low.

But if you can master it, good customer service leads to happy customers which leads to more referrals and revenue for your business. One way to scale good service is through self-service options. Because at the end of the day, your customers just want answers. They don’t care if they come from fellow customers or you.

We’ve been listening to your suggestions on what features to add into our community support options and are pleased to have the opportunity to show you what we’ve recently added to the product.

In less than an hour, you will:

  • Understand why online communities are great for business
  • Learn how to build a self service knowledge base
  • View a live demo of the new community support features in Zendesk

Join Adria Richards, the Zendesk webinar geek and Jake Holman, our lead Product Manager, as they discuss the new community support features in Zendesk.

Learn how Zendesk makes it easy for companies to create online communities. Drive your business with direct feedback, suggestions, and helpful ideas about your company’s product or services.

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