Zendesk Unleashed: Instant-On Support Platform

October 19, 2007

By popular demand we’ve today launched a new feature in Zendesk, making the application even more suitable for web application companies as an instant-on support platform. As of today Zendesk supports unregistered users. Just route or redirect your current support@ e-mail address to your new zendesk support e-mail address, and let Zendesk take care of formalizing your end-user support.

Current clients can enable this new feature by flicking a switch. Simply click on the “Account” tab in your help desk and choose the “User population” option. From this page you must enable “Allow anonymous user registration” and leave the “Domain whitelist” blank. When an unknown user sends an e-mail to your support e-mail address he or she will receive a verification e-mail with a link to activate his or her user account. You can of course personalize the content of that e-mail. When done the end-user will be redirected to the self-service portal, and the support request will be submitted to your help desk operators.

Do you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@zendesk.com.