Zengage and the art of customer engagement

Published May 18, 2010
Last modified May 18, 2010

On top of all of the great product and company announcements today, we have a "one more thing" and we think it's a pretty big one. We've always been pretty happy bloggers here at Zendesk with more than 300 posts over the last couple of years. As with our product, we believe that a good level of transparency helps everybody that comes across Zendesk. We use our blog to talk about our product, partners, customers, industry, friends, people, meet ups, and everything zen.

I've always been the very active author of our blog posts, and truth be told, my team of dedicated colleagues have helped me (a lot). I've stolen their thunder for quite some time, but that will change today. Today, we're upgrading our blog to a dedicated 'zine titled Zengage, focused on all things customer engagement:

  • what is the state of the new customer relationship?
  • why is it more important than ever to be proactive with your customer support?
  • what are current best practices?
  • and how the heck do you tie all those customer conversations out there on the social web into your business processes?

At Zendesk we believe that we can drive competitive advantages for our customers. In a world where navigating information and communication is becoming increasingly complicated and frustrating, Zendesk provides instant tranquility to our customers; and helps them build trust and confidence with their customers.  Trust, ultimately, is the basis for all business relationships.  In this networked world, in this global market, in this social economy, how do you scale your customer interactions without losing that trust and the actual relationship? That will be the very narrow theme for Zengage ;-)

You'll get to meet more of my colleagues -- Matthew Latkiewicz, for instance, the real customer 2.0 and Zendesk's first US employee (this is Matthew). And you will also see articles from a wide range of external writers.  Amongst these are Ben Kepes, one of the first writers to 'discover' Zendesk and somebody who's been following us as rigorously as we have been following him.

What you see today is the very first iteration of Zengage. We have plenty of ideas for both content and functionality, but we also want to drive it in a direction that our customers and readers want. So please also take this opportunity to let us know what you want to see and hear from us.

And we're always looking for talented writers and video producers, so don't hesitate to contact us with ideas.

I'm no Jean-Luc Picard, and this in not the USS Enterprise, but nevertheless I hereby command: Zengage!