New CX for a new world

Last year, we learned that customer needs can change in a blink, and your support team needs to change almost as fast. Our report will help you learn how to keep up.

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Stay on trend

Stay on trend

Our team of experts reviewed data from 90,000 businesses using Zendesk across 175 countries. We compared how they use Zendesk with opinions from customers, agents, customer experience leaders, and technology buyers. Using these insights, we identified this year’s top trends in customer experience and tailored best practices to your team.

Despite the massive shakeup in customer and employee experiences, some things remain the same: building trust and connection is crucial to keeping everyone happy.

The interactive report sheds light on the five core trends of this year:

  • Spotlight on CX
  • A more conversational world
  • Emphasis on agility
  • The future of work is now
  • The digital tipping point

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