The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk VC Exclusive: Zendesk benefits for portfolio companies

The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk VC Exclusive: Zendesk benefits for portfolio companies

Every customer counts when you're a startup. You're handling a lot but you can still build lasting relationships from the start. Zendesk gives you the tools you need to deliver a better experience for your customers and connects you with the resources to help you grow strategically as you scale.

Apply to Zendesk for Startups today and receive the following VIP benefits:

  • 6 months of Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM for free
  • 30% discount off your first annual subscription
  • Additional VIP benefits including dedicated 1-on-1 onboarding with our startups success team
  • Access to community events and educational resources

Two ways for VC-backed startups to qualify:

1. Less than 100 employees
To qualify, you must be a new Zendesk customer and have no more than Series B in funding.

2. 100-250 employees
To qualify, you must be a new Zendesk customer. There is no funding limit. You do not get 6 months free, but you will receive 30% off your first annual contract, and get access to all other startup resources to help you succeed.

Join the Zendesk for Startups program to access these VIP benefits!

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Zendesk Suite

Everything you need for best in class service

Deliver conversational experiences across any channel with a complete service solution that is easy to use, and powerful at scale.

Zendesk for service

Zendesk Sales CRM

Sales tools built for sales people

Your sales reps didn't get hired to deal with difficult software. Zendesk Sell is simple and designed to keep reps selling. Sell removes the friction from deal updates so your team can always access, analyze, and collaborate on relevant deal data.

Zendesk for sales

Startups scale with Zendesk

“I knew Zendesk Support would work if we reached the scale we were aiming for, and I also knew that the Zendesk API would allow us to build whatever we needed to meet our specific needs.” – Ali Rayl, VP of Global Customer Experience

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“Having a partner that really understands our business, and how ambitious we are, is huge— because service, at the end of the day, needs to be in lockstep with every single track of work that’s happening within Airbnb.” – Shirley Lin, Product Lead of Support Products Group

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“We’ve never run into a scenario where Support hasn’t been able to scale with us. Support is a reliable, dependable tool as far as speed and performance, and we can build on it and tailor it to be what we need.” – Chris Wilson, Director of Technical Support

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Zendesk for Startups provides a monthly credit for six (6) months of up to one hundred (100) Agents redeemable for any combination of Zendesk Support, Talk, Chat, Guide, and Explore products, for free. Consulting Services, Add-ons, integrations, and billable "pay as you go" usage are not included. Any additional discount offered is only valid for an annual contract signed at the end of the initial six month credit. Please refer to our Program Coverage on our website at: Your use and access to Zendesk Services under this program shall be governed by Zendesk’s Master Subscription Agreement and other applicable policies located on our website at: