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Be inspired by how Clip, WeRoad, and PayNearby use Zendesk to deliver personalized and engaging conversational experiences using popular channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

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Clip offers rich conversational customer interactions

Clip, Mexico’s leading solution for Mexican businesses to accept digital payments, implemented Zendesk in 2013 and has adapted the platform several times over to support customers throughout its massive growth trajectory. This spirit of agility most recently led Clip’s support team to leverage Sunshine Conversations to answer merchant questions and share information with prospects on modern messaging channels that include Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. All contacts flow into a comprehensive agent workspace that makes it easy for Clip’s team to offer timely replies. Recently, Clip implemented live metrics from Zendesk Explore to optimize its support operation in real-time, in order to continue being the best ally for Mexican businesses giving them hardware and software solutions designed to increase merchant’s sales and help them manage their business. With a presence on customers’ preferred channels, Clip is able to build strong and loyal relationships with those it serves.


WeRoad leverages messaging to provide great customer service

Italian travel company WeRoad connects fellow globetrotters looking for unforgettable experiences across 150+ countries. An impressive 60 percent of WeRoad’s support requests come in through WhatsApp, which the team used to support via as many as 10 different smartphones and WhatsApp numbers. Now, with the Zendesk Sunshine-powered WhatsApp integration, multiple agents can answer requests from within Zendesk from two numbers: one dedicated to pre-sale questions and another to post-sale inquiries. This has improved agent productivity by 15 percent, reduced support volumes by 10 percent, and enabled the WeRoad team to reply to 90 percent of requests within two hours.


PayNearby streamlines its WhatsApp use for agents and customers

PayNearby launched in 2016 to bring financial services to millions of underserved and unbanked Indian citizens; it does this by contracting with local retailers to serve as remittance centers and ATMs for their communities. Now India’s largest hyperlocal fintech network, PayNearby is active in more than 17,000 postal code areas across the country and logs 1 million daily transactions. But providing the right level of support was challenging, especially as the company faced the challenges of a global pandemic. It implemented Zendesk to provide its teams a common platform, with an emphasis on streamlining the use of its most popular channel, WhatsApp. And by using Zendesk data, PayNearby is solving its most difficult support issues, building loyalty, and reaching new business performance milestones.