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Always on, always available for your customers—first-class support teams offer live chat. Zendesk Chat is powerful, cost-effective, and tightly integrated with Support. Deploy it across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages.

Scale without limits

Our 100,000+ customers come in every size and shape, from large global enterprises to teams that grow overnight. No matter where you’re headed, Zendesk is flexible enough to accommodate your changing needs.

Key features: Real-time monitor | High load dashboard

“Zendesk's ability to grow with Uber as we launched cities, scaled products, and built our support organization has been key to our customer service success story.”

– Michael Mizrahi, Community Operations Specialist at Uber

  • 450

  • 70

  • 30,000

    chats per week
  • 10+

  • <30 secs

    frt sla

Uber grew with Zendesk. Read how.

Make the most of multichannel

With Zendesk, your agents can easily switch between serving chats, phone calls, emails, or social media messages. No swiveling necessary. And with the Zendesk Web Widget, customers can ask for help or find the answers themselves, all without interrupting their shopping experience.

Key features: Zendesk Support | Web Widget

“We like that we can offer multiple support channels within the same platform so that we have a unified view.”

– Gerald Hastie, Director of Global Customer Experience at Evernote

  • 200 million

  • 4,000

    tickets per week
  • 3

  • <30 secs

    frt sla

Evernote serves customers across multiple channels. Read how.

The savings are exponential

According to research from Forrester, Zendesk Chat helps deflect interactions from higher cost channels. It can also improve agent performance by 25%, saving you even more money over time.

“Our agents can handle three to four chats compared to just one phone call. Why spend a couple of days on email flow when you can solve a chat within a few minutes?”

– Tonni Buur, Head of Trustpilot’s Worldwide Support Team

  • 17 million

  • 20%

    improvement in CSAT
  • 55%

    reduction in email volume
  • 42%

    reduction in call volume

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Organize your team

With sophisticated workforce management features, Zendesk will help you set your team up for success.

Key features: Roles and permissions | Skills-based routing

"Our pre-sales team, which serves customers across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, is staffed with agents who all speak the local languages. Being able to automatically match a customer to the right agent without transferring them is key to offering a frictionless customer experience.”

– Robert Helyar, Customer Service Sales Manager at Daniel Wellington

Go on, go global

It’s not easy to run a team from across the world. Chat makes it easier with reporting tools, region-specific operating hours, location-based routing, and agent departments.

Key features: Departments | Operating hours | Widget unbranding

“We realized that in order to manage our global support team, we’d require a unique support strategy. That’s when we considered live chat.”

– Jorge Vernetta, Global Operations Manager at Foodpanda

  • 40

  • 580,000

  • 90%


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