Best Live Chat Software

Best live chat software

The best live chat software anticipates customer needs

They walk back and forth, linger over a particular item and read packaging carefully. It's easy to spot customers that require additional assistance in a traditional brick and mortar setting. Even easier is offering that customer service in person. More difficult is identifying those same visitor needs when they're browsing in an online app — to say nothing about engaging with them in that moment. Moments are fleeting. Once that moment is gone, there's no getting it back.

Online companies need powerful software to quickly and effectively recognize and engage with visitors — without interrupting their browsing flow. Welcome to Zendesk Chat.

The inside scoop

Live chat software allows users to interact with customers in real time for a personalized experience that reminds them of their favorite store. Zendesk Chat, the live chat software built for the Zendesk family of products, anticipates customer needs and provides the support they're looking for. Reaching out to customers in real time makes them 3X more likely to make a purchase. And unlike traditional customer service personnel, Chat allows agents to help multiple visitors at one time, leading to even more happy customers.

Enjoy the benefits

Chat helps users engage with customers when it matters most by:
  • Automatically reaching out with a chat
  • Monitoring visitor browsing for targeted offers of help
  • Proactively engaging customers during the buying process
  • Connecting with customers quickly and responsively in real time
In addition, by providing detailed analysis of chat volume, agent productivity and customer conversion rates, Zendesk Chat makes it easier to anticipate customer needs and improve satisfaction levels — at pricing tailored to the needs of your company.

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