Best WordPress Chat Plugin

Best WordPress chat plugin

Increase customer satisfaction with the best WordPress chat plugin

We're an instant gratification society and as such require quick resolutions to problems or questions. When issues take a long time resolve, customer satisfaction levels dip and companies lose out. That's where having a live chat plugin integrated with Zendesk Chat on your site can help.

The inside scoop

You want your customers and website visitors to have a seamless experience on your WordPress site, without feeling as if they leave your website when they need assistance. Zendesk Chat's WordPress chat plugin can accomplish just that. Visitors to your site can take advantage of a rich knowledge base and plenty of help options, with no indication that they've ever left your site.

Did you know?

Zendesk Chat makes customer service easier, which is a great way for companies to offer WordPress live chat, including:
  • Uninterrupted support - customer data and ongoing conversations that exist in a single location, making it possible to transition from chat to phone to social media while continuing to provide a great customer experience
  • Powerful reporting - Zendesk Chat monitors important metrics that help users identify areas of improvement
  • Proactive support - set triggers to let agents know when a customer might need support, improving the customer experience and increasing sales
In short, the WordPress live chat plugin is a customer service channel that reduces support costs and improves customer satisfaction. It turns more visitors into buyers, increasing conversion rates.

Next steps

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