Customer Support Live Chat

Customer support live chat

Ensure customer happiness with chat support

Happy customers are made, not born. And providing the customer support needed to make them that way isn't always easy. How do you provide quick answers to questions online? After all, consumers in the modern age aren't exactly clamoring to wait on the phone or for a response to an email inquiry. They want answers to their questions immediately, not hours from now. And if they don't get them, they're likely to move on.

Address your customer inquiries in real time with Zendesk Chat and keep your customers happy — and loyal.

The inside scoop

Online customer service is easier than ever with Zendesk Chat, the fast and effective way to offer help, without interrupting the customer browsing flow. Customer support is provided by knowledgeable agents in real time. With Chat, agents can even anticipate customer questions, providing help before they even know they need it.

Enjoy the benefits

Foster customer happiness with Zendesk Chat, which:
  • Proactively engages customers during the buying process
  • Automatically reaches out with a chat
  • Monitors visitor browsing for targeted offers of help
  • Connects with customers to provide information in real time
Furthermore, with customer support live chat, agents are able to help more customers in less time, meaning the joy is spread around.

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