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Helpdesk chat software

How helpdesk chat software improves customer service

Though helpdesk live chat software is a relative newbie in the customer support realm, it has already exceeded the competition in customer satisfaction. According to eDigital's Customer Service Benchmark, 73% of customers are happy with their chat experience, followed at some distance by the second most popular method, email, at 61%.

Customers appreciate the efficiency and simplicity of software like Zendesk Chat. Since the chat window pops up on their screen, it’s easy to use. They can see how long the queue is and do other work while they wait.

The inside scoop

For your helpdesk, chat software offers plenty too. It allows your agents to interact with customers where they are -- on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet -- and to convert the live chat into a phone call or email if the agent deems it necessary. The software embeds the chat window on your website, making it seem part of your brand, and allows agents to add their real name and photograph to humanize the interaction. Plus, it can eliminate repetitive tickets by allowing agents to program phrases in response to common questions, which can be peppered in along with real-time interaction.

Did you know?

Integrated helpdesk chat software like Zendesk Chat goes the extra mile with a multichannel chat solution that allows agents to seamlessly carry on one conversation with a customer on social media, email, chat, or phone. The record of that conversation is recorded in the ticket management software of Zendesk Support so you and your agents can analyze how it was resolved and track whether it is part of a larger trend. Live chat software also allows you to funnel common concerns to your self-help desk, where customers can find the answers they need in your knowledge management system.

Which chat software is right for you?

If you’re a small company, an open source solution might get the job done. If you’re experiencing a growth spurt or are already a medium to large company, you’ll likely need the functionality, analytics, and tracking of a fee-based software solution. But even fee-based solutions such as Zendesk Chat offer a free trial period. Try it out and see what a difference it can make to your helpdesk chat software and your brand loyalty.

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