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What is live chat support?

Live chat support is a dialog box on your website or in your application that enables your employees to communicate directly with visitors. Live chat software moves short, typed messages between your customer support agents and your visitors in a real-time, one-on-one chat session.

Zendesk Chat is integrated with Zendesk Support. It provides a fast way to connect smoothly with your customers as they navigate your site.

Real-time engagement

In a live support system, your website visitors learn the answers to their questions immediately, instead of having to wait for you to get back to them. Customers like to use live chat for help on their account, or to learn how to resolve their problems.

Live support software complements a phone system by giving customers an additional, two-way means of contacting you. Companies would rather deal with, say, a sales problem in live, private chat than in a public channel like social media.

Benefits of live chat

Most companies start to reap the benefits of live chat software with the first conversion. Customers are more willing to accept offers, buy, upgrade and build up an account with companies that provide and integrate live support.

The investment in a stronger connection goes straight to the bottom line. Companies see increased sales and greater client loyalty.

Starting live chat support

It doesn't take much to start providing live chat support for visitors to your website. Live chat software resides in the cloud and connects to your help desk software through the internet. That means lower impact on your IT group and infrastructure.

Similarly, it doesn't take long to learn how to use live chat software. Agents who can type fast enough can maintain multiple live chat sessions at once. Website customers simply start typing their questions in the text field to continue the chat.

Chatting in Zendesk

As part of its software platform for building better customer relationships, Zendesk provides Zendesk Chat, a solution for live chat support. Your agents can anticipate customer questions and offer better customer service.

Plus, they can serve more customers more quickly by switching among chat, phone, email and social media interactions.

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