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What is Magento live chat?

Magento live chat allows online retailers using Magento ecommerce software the ability to provide live chat support to their customers. Users must integrate the Magento chat plugin or extension to take advantage of Magento live chat, so retailers can deliver real-time support, improve engagement and the customer experience.

Our live chat solution provides online shoppers a seamless way to get support using a chat widget without having to interrupt their shopping experience.

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Customers expect quick and personalized support from every business including online retailers. If a business doesn’t follow through on their expectations, your customers will show another brand attention. Today, online retailers are looking for ways to improve the customer experience to win over customer loyalty and retention as a result.

One essential component to the experience is providing quick, personal service. While email and phone have traditionally served as channels for support, online shoppers are beginning to demand something better. Enter the Magento live chat plugin.

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Communicate with and support your customers directly from your online store with Magento live chat. So if your customer has a question—whether it’s about your return policy or an ongoing sale—they can instantly reach a support agent without having to leave your website. Remove the barriers for your customers so they can shop in peace—and you improve conversion rates and the customer experience as a result.

Take advantage of proactive support, so your team can solve a problem before it even occurs. With Magento live chat you can see when a customer leaves an item in their shopping cart and leaves your site. When that customer returns, your support agent can start a chat, provide assistance, and determine what is preventing the customer from completing the purchase. This gives your business the power to be there for customers before they have to ask.

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Give your customers what they expect, personalized instant support. Magento live chat gives your business a competitive edge with a simple chat button. Be available to your customers, win their loyalty, and lifetime value.
An example of how Zendesk Chat can be used for Magento live chat via Zendesk.

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Our solution, Zendesk live chat widget provides your customers an instant way to connect with your business. So you can deliver a seamless support experience to your customer without interrupting their shopping experience.

Above all, our solution makes it easier for agents to do their job. Empower your agents to help more than one customer with multiple chats, increasing agent productivity and resolution times. Plus with Zendesk, all your contextual information is captured and stored in a single system, so agents have everything they need to provide personalized support. Create custom triggers so agents receive notifications when a customer is running into an issue that is preventing them from making a purchase. This way your agents can proactively reach out and offer assistance.

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