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Outbound is now a member of the Zendesk family.
We’re working together to make customer relationships better with proactive messaging
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The right place, the right time

Zendesk Connect enables you to better understand and communicate
with your customers throughout their entire journey.

Make your messages relevant, timely, and personal

Communicate in context

In-Product Messages
Notify, educate, or onboard your customers with a message
that appears in context on your website.
Email campaigns
Send custom emails to re-engage and inform customers.
Campaign design screen
Create and preview a message for a specific audience,
and provide a clear call-to-action.
Choose recipients
Send a campaign to a specific segment, to all customers, or upload
a CSV with the customers you’d like to target.
Mobile in-app messages
Show an in-app message to customers using your iOS or Android app.
Find your focus

Create meaningful customer segments

Standard filters
Apply available filters based on user attributes or actions to define your audience.
Custom filters
Use your own custom user fields as segment filters.
Segment tracking
View the number of customers and their details within each segment.
Export segments into CSV
Take your curated customer lists with you—just export your segment via CSV.
No two customers are exactly alike

A journey for each customer

View your support customers
See your Zendesk Support customers, and easily import more to Connect.
See the big picture
Get the entire timeline of a user’s engagement with your business — from interactions with your Zendesk products to activity on your website.
Segment memberships
See which segments are associated with each customer for additional context.
Third party events
View customer activity from external sources for a better understanding of who they are.

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