Customer Support Software

What is Customer Support Software?

customer support software buddhaCustomer support software makes it possible for businesses to organize and provide technical support to their customer/user base.

Businesses rely upon this type of software for its out-of-the-box workflow capabilities, including:

  • Knowledge base — Also called “FAQ” for organizing documentation that answers commonly asked questions
  • Support Forums — Empower users (also called customers) to work together to discover and share answers (also called self service). Features voting to help bring the best questions, answers, and feature requests to prominent attention.
  • Automations — Custom automations are messages that let customers (also called users) know that your support team has received their requests.
  • Macros — Custom responses that answer frequently asked questions, reducing your technicians (agents or operators) need to retype or cut-and-paste canned responses.
  • Triggers — Configurable event-based actions that ensure timely response time.
  • Views — Organized way to see where priority tickets are in the workflow.

How Businesses Use Customer Support Software

Businesses use customer support software to offer multi-channel and multi-tier customer support using elegant and intuitive tools to organize and streamline support ticket requests.

Using customer support software, IT support teams (technicians, agents, operators) are better able to appropriately answer and/or escalate an issue and reduce customer support response time.

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Why Zendesk?

Zendesk’s customer support software provides your business with elegant tools to efficiently engage in each of those conversations.

Online support software like Zendesk gives your team single-click access to your customer’s complete support history. Zendesk also integrates into many of the web tools businesses already use. For example, you can now close the loop between support and sales with the Zendesk for Salesforce by sharing data across both platforms.

Zendesk is ready to use as soon as your create a new account and is fully customizable, so you can ensure a seamless user experience. Use your existing domain and email addresses – Zendesk will integrate seamlessly into your architecture. Monitor and respond to all your customer requests in a matter of minutes!

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