Online Support Software

Overview of Online Support Software

online support software screenshotWhat is online support software?  Let’s begin with “tech support” (also technical support), the range of services that are focused on providing users (also customers) with informed assistance. Technical products include mobile phones, televisions, computers, software, software as a service products, and other electronic or mechanical items.

As the web advanced and it became not only a best practice, but a necessity, to provide online support, specialized online support practices and online support software as a service emerged.

The main goal of online support software is to help users (also customers) solve specific problem with a product. Online support software can be used by companies internally to solve support issues that staff have with their corporate computer-related problems and IT setups, but it can also be offered for customers (paid and free, also known as users or end users).

Online support is offered by companies as both a free and sometimes paid service.

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How Businesses Use Online Support Software

Online support software has helped companies of all sizes scale support for their customers (also users) to not only connect them with company help desk’s, but with one another in online community forums.

Online support software comes in many different forms, is offered by a range of brands with different pricing structures, among which Zendesk is a competitor. Generally online support software includes a suite of components.

What’s Included In Online Support Software:

  • Live Chat
  • Online Support Forums
  • Support Ticketing Workflow
  • Knowledge Base
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Voice or Phone Support (also available as VOIP support)
  • Remote Support
  • Wikis

Why Zendesk?

Zendesk’s online support software provides customers with a hosted tool to streamline their customer support services.

In addition to providing: live chat, forums, ticketing workflow, knowledgebase, and remote support, Zendesk’s online support software extends to three popular mobile platforms: iPhone support software, Android support software, and BlackBerry support software.

Lastly, Zendesk’s online support software, includes multi-channel support through powerful integrations with: Twitter for Business, Salesforce, GoodData, and LogMeRescue.

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