SMC improves time to cash with new streamlined global operations

Watch the four videos below to learn how manufacturer SMC Corporation implemented Zendesk to improve time-to-cash across its global operations. With faster resolution times, SMC fulfills and invoices orders more quickly.

SMC Corporation


Number of agents

4 months

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CX for Manufacturing

Bringing legacy manufacturing into the modern era

Overwhelmed by hundreds of different processes, the SMC team had no standardized process for connecting with customers and fulfilling orders. As a manufacturing trailblazer, SMC partnered with Zendesk to bring its legacy systems into the modern era.

A move to global operations

Customer service drives growth for business

Zendesk helped SMC drive efficiency and quality beyond the production floor. A unified customer view means agents can fulfill and invoice orders more quickly and see improved time-to-cash, meaning happier agents and happier customers.

360-degree views of the customer

Achieving agile manufacturing through technology

To keep up with the evolution of technology and the speed at which markets change, SMC turned to Zendesk to architect its order fulfillment process for agility during turbulent times.

Improving operations

Agents love Zendesk

SMC’s agents were blocked from providing best-in-class customer support with previously disjointed solutions, complex workflows, limited automation, and no internal help centers. SMC empowered agents with the right tools and workflows, which transformed their agent experience—making them much happier agents. And better agent experience means better customer experience as well as money better spent.

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