TeamSnap earns a 95% CSAT with Zendesk Chat

  • Email Volume/Month 12,000
  • Countries Supported 196
  • Decrease in Chat Full Response Time 20%
  • Chat CSAT 95%
  • Products Used

TeamSnap helps recreational and youth sports coaches and managers, players and parents, league administrators and even book clubs and school groups stay organized. Their web and mobile apps help manage membership, communicate news and schedules, share photos and pay fees. With 15 million customers on one million teams in 196 countries, TeamSnap is the #1 sports team management app online.

Supporting the company’s success is a team of 25 agents led by Director of Customer Experience Jenn Southan. They’re actually two teams in one, a group working with small organizations—stand-alone teams, scout troops, and the like—and another with large sports organizations and tournaments. TeamSnap customers of all sizes can access multiple channels for support: email, chat, self-service, and phone.

That’s where Zendesk comes into play. TeamSnap introduced Zendesk Support in 2014, after trying Gmail, User Voice, and then Freshdesk, once the need for a customer service tool became evident. Southan recalls the switch to Zendesk Support as hassle-free: She largely handled the implementation herself, and leaned on Zendesk’s support team any time she had questions.

“We always knew we wanted to expand, and love that Zendesk is so robust,” said Southan. “We’ve really enjoyed the stability that comes with a more developed company. We can count on the Zendesk system when we need it.”

She especially appreciates the collision detection capabilities of Zendesk Support. “One great feature for us is the little eyeball that shows you when someone is in a ticket. Even better is the Play feature that puts you into the next available ticket so that you don’t collide with other agents. When you have remote agents, that has a huge effect on productivity,” she shared.

Another boon to productivity—not to mention customer satisfaction—was the introduction of live chat with Zendesk Chat. The team receives more than 12,000 email tickets each month and so funneling customers to live chat became a priority. Currently, the team handles around 2,000 chats each month. Southan said, “Chat is a great channel for us because we can easily share videos and screenshots and links to help articles, and also get answers to customers more quickly. We’ve reduced our work time per issue by 20 percent. We also have a higher satisfaction rate in the chat channel because customers are able to get answers pretty much immediately.”

Another way to help mitigate the email volume is to encourage self-service. In fall of 2016, TeamSnap’s help center got a makeover. Originally created in WordPress and detached from other support channels, the help center was relaunched through Zendesk Guide and now features customer-facing articles and includes an knowledge base for internal agent use. Using the Zendesk web widget, relevant help articles are also surfaced through live chat, before connecting with an agent.

Around the same time, Southan’s team introduced outbound phone support with Zendesk Talk. “We enable our club and league customers to schedule phone calls ahead of time,” she explained. “Then we use Zendesk Talk to reach out to them. It saves a recording we can send to customers later and creates a ticket for us so we can follow up on any outstanding questions. It also allows us to be more efficient with our agents’ time.”

Now, with Support, Guide, Chat, and Talk, TeamSnap offers omnichannel support through Zendesk. From the start, though, Southan wanted to take advantage of the Zendesk Apps Marketplace to further extend Zendesk’s capabilities. She uses a time-tracking app to see how long agents keep a ticket open, and to help forecast staffing. The team has also integrated with Intercom, and with JIRA for efficient bug tracking. Southan shared, “The JIRA integration makes communication between our development and customer support teams really easy.”

Leveraging the Zendesk API has been just as easy. In one afternoon, TeamSnap developers were able to build a custom API app that automatically populates the company’s admin portal with ticket information from Zendesk, saving agents time. They also created an app that runs on the TeamSnap server through the Zendesk API that allows agents to quickly view customer profiles. Southan said, “Even when we moved our help center from WordPress to Guide, that was easy. One of our developers just used the API to copy the content over.”

Even with a robust, integrated solution in place, the team is not resting on their laurels. Southan is working with her Zendesk customer success manager for a fresh assessment of how to make the most of the system. She said, “We always want to be sure we’re using Zendesk efficiently and in the best ways possible to consistently evolve and improve our support. I’m looking forward to that conversation.”

“The ability to have everything under one roof has been hugely beneficial, particularly from an analytics and data standpoint. It seems like Zendesk is always a step ahead of us, which is great. As soon as we start thinking about a certain channel, it’s available.”

– Jenn Southan Director of Customer Experience