What CX Trend are you?

We know trends don’t actually have human qualities, but just play along with us.

If your business was an Olympic athlete, would it rather compete in...

Choose an app...

Are you more...

If your business worked at a high school, what would it be?

Pick your business’s style...

When do you get to the airport?

Pick an office pet...

What do you do on a Friday night?

If you have a (miraculously!) free 30 minutes, would you rather...

You’re trying to be a little more active. Do you...

You got

The Host

Spotlight on CX

You take CX seriously. The customer experience has only become more important in this new phase of online engagement, and you’re here to make your customers feel like queens. You upped your network bandwidth and *cracks knuckles* bought an “I <3 my customers” T-shirt in preparation for online support. Customers might be feeling frazzled, but you’re cool as the organic cucumber melon lotion they can buy on your website.

You got

The Messenger

A more conversational world

WhatsApp you said? Customers are changing for good? From exploring new buying habits to messaging companies, your customers want new ways to reach you. 40% of companies have added a new messaging channel this year, and 72% of customers who chatted with a company for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic intend to keep doing so. It’s time for you to get on the apps.

You got

The Gymnast

Emphasis on agility

Like an Olympic gymnast flipping over the balance beam, you need to quickly adapt to a changing environment. Add agents who can work across channels, give access to full customer data, and add in AI to direct customers to the most helpful resources. Focus on these and we’ll give you a Zendesk gold medal*.


You got

The Advocate

The future of work is now

You better work (from home). 85% of teams have started using new tools or processes. That’s a lot to learn for anyone, much less in the middle of a rapidly shifting work environment. It’s business on the top, sweatpants on the bottom—and everything else feels just as flip-flopped. Support your employees with flexible policies, updated resources, and a supportive work environment.

You got

The Scientist

The digital tipping point

Your customers hopped on the digital train, and you’re ready to get on board. Companies are adopting digital technologies at hyper speed, with cyber and information security, increased channels, remote collaboration tools, internal help desks, and data insights among the most popular. Don’t get stuck in the digital dark age. See the light.