Zendesk + Discord

Reporting issues in the middle of a game or live stream can be disruptive and frustrating. We partnered with Discord to fix that. Our out-of-the-box integration lets businesses provide seamless support directly from their Discord server.

Offer smooth, personalized support

After a simple installation, your admins can configure the Zendesk Bot to personalize the support experience. Users can then get help using slash commands in Discord. Users can DM your support team, respond to any updates, and check in on their request—all without leaving Discord.

Discord chat with Zendesk Support Bot Discord chat with Zendesk Support Bot
Zendesk agent workspace used with Discord chat

Give your agents the right context

With the Discord integration, agents can respond and get the necessary context to solve issues directly from the agent workspace. Leverage forms within the Discord conversation to gather essential information up front, allowing your teams to provide the personalized help your users need right away.

Resolve issues with self-service

Help your users help themselves with self-service options for the Zendesk bot. Configure the Zendesk Bot to respond with the most relevant FAQs or help center articles. If the user needs to talk to an agent, the bot will first ask a series of simple questions to help triage and guide the ticket to the right agent.

Discord chat with Zendesk Support Bot self-service options Discord chat with Zendesk Support Bot self-service options