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New integrations to help your team blossom

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Af Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Senest opdateret June 20, 2023

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.

TeamViewer Enterprise

TeamViewer Enterprise for Support and Chat (Support) (Chat) gives you easy and fast remote support and desktop sharing directly from your tickets. With TeamViewer, you can easily create a remote support session directly from your ticket in Zendesk to Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. Simply insert the created link into the ticket and send it to your customer. Once the customer goes online, they will appear in your TeamViewer service queue and you can instantly connect with a single click to their device.


EZO CMMS (Support) offers instant access to your assets and their maintenance details from within Zendesk. Leverage the only maintenance management solution that gives you complete visibility across your asset and inventory landscape–including purchasing, reservations, assignments, auditing, and maintenance schedules. Search for assets, view asset information, and trigger tickets based on events such as overdue items and upcoming work in Zendesk. Create Zendesk tickets straight from the asset details page in EZO CMMS and even flag and identify assets for maintenance, track an asset’s incident history, and identify and replace malfunctioning devices to proactively reduce ticket volume.

Yuma AI Ticket Assistant

Yuma AI Ticket Assistant (Support) is ChatGPT for e-commerce customer support. Yuma brings the power of the latest innovations in AI and LLMs to Zendesk. Yuma is not another chatbot. Instead, Yuma empowers support agents with productivity tools, automated drafts, and insights. For e-commerce supported intents, Yuma will automatically suggest an appropriate answer. Type a short instruction and receive a full draft in return. Yuma learns from historical conversations, help centers, content pages, macros, and Shopify products. Summarize a long ticket with one click for easy escalation and more.


Knowbler (Support) leverages machine learning for auto-populating knowledge articles on a predefined template, while your support agent resolves a case. This empowers support agents to create knowledge articles at the same time a resolution is proposed. Knowbler lets agents attach resolution articles to cases so that when a similar issue arrives in the future, the solution is easier to discover. It identifies the KB articles that failed to leave their mark so that the support coaches can review them and share feedback.

Additional apps added in May:

  • Nametag (Support) is an AI-powered fraud stopper. Use it to detect impersonators and ensure you’re chatting with the true account owner before granting account access, resolving account lockouts, or authorizing transactions. Nametag can verify age, phone number, email, and any other details you need in order to authenticate them.
  • ChatGPT Ticket Summary by Premium Plus (Support) is a sidebar app for Zendesk Support that offers insight on Zendesk tickets right next to the ticket itself. Agents can view a summary of the problem, an overview of the proposed solution, and a sentiment analysis powered by ChatGPT. These items can be added to the ticket as tags or internal comments to make reporting on these tickets easier.
  • ChatGPT Suggested Reply by Premium Plus (Support) uses ChatGPT to create a well-funded answer that can be used to reply to the client. The agent can create replies taking the ticket content into consideration.
  • Unleash (Support) is an AI-driven search tool that integrates your organization’s knowledge base, delivers relevant answers, and empowers your support, sales, and success teams to respond to queries confidently and swiftly.
  • nps.today (Support) allows you to set up different nps.today campaigns for different types of tickets. You can also choose whether you want to send the survey as an integrated part of your “ticket solved” notifications or send it separately, either from Zendesk or directly from nps.today.
  • Teams Direct (Support) lets you create a communication channel between MS Teams and Zendesk Support tickets. Not only can you send messages from Zendesk to MS Teams, but also you can answer directly from MS Teams to Zendesk.
  • Code7 Omni (Support) is an omnichannel platform that manages customer relationships in the cloud and integrates all service channels into a single portal. Communicate via WhatsApp Business, voice, email, and/or chatbots without losing contact history and transform your customer’s experience.
  • List Links (Support) lets you easily list and categorize all the links included in your ticket comments. This means you can have a clear and organized view of all the links being shared with you, without wasting time searching through a large number of comments.
  • Review Management by AppTweak (Support) allows you to manage your app store reviews without leaving your Zendesk account. Receive all your App Store and Google Play reviews directly in your Zendesk Support Agent Workspace. Turn all your app store reviews into Zendesk tickets and manage them alongside your other support channels.
  • Datapad (Support) is the easiest way to build performance dashboards with Zendesk and other data sources. Sign up and connect with your Zendesk account to start tracking your core metrics like tickets by agents, tickets by priority, open tickets, daily trends, and more.
  • oneTone.ai (Support) monitors 100 percent of your customer support communication. oneTone.ai’s real-time communication monitoring for managers can identify when agents are not handling all customer requests, when agents transfer responsibility to customers, when agents make grammar issues, and when a customer’s request is resolved incorrectly.
  • Custom Links (Support) lets you create and visit quick links using placeholders. An application that allows creating and sharing access links can be a useful tool for support agents, helping to improve efficiency, quality of service, and customer satisfaction.
  • Copy to Clipboard (Support) is a simple app which allows you to copy the Zendesk ticket ID or URL with one click. Reduce the average handle time of your tickets and reduce your cost.
  • Piece of Cake WhatsApp By JVBTI (Support) lets you send WhatsApp approved templates individually within Zendesk Support tickets. Templates are saved inside the ticket when they are sent for better control and alignment after responses from the customer.
  • Simple Magento (Support) connects Magento 2 e-commerce and Zendesk Support to improve your customer service. The integration application between Magento and Zendesk Support allows your agents to access customers’ order information efficiently.
  • VoIPstudio (Support) enables businesses to make or receive calls through the VoIPstudio phone system directly from their Zendesk account. Use Click2Call to make calls with just one click from Zendesk and automatically match incoming callers to existing client records, which are then displayed in a pop-up window. Create new client records automatically if a match cannot be found.
  • Botmaker WhatsApp Notification by InfocusCX (Support) lets your agents send messages to your customer’s WhatsApp account without having to leave Zendesk Support. For any new conversation or existing conversation through the WhatsApp channel, simply inform the customer’s phone number, select the desired message template, fill in the template variables, and choose if the ticket should be directed to the queue of a specific agent at Zendesk.

New themes added in May:

Picto is a lightweight Zendesk theme that can be used to design beautiful customer and employee experiences.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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