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A powerful pair

Zendesk Support works with Guide to make your self-service knowledge base smarter. When customers use self-service, Guide tracks that activity and sends it to Support in the form of contextual insights that help agents analyze customer activity and solve tickets faster. This info is fed back into Guide, which continuously improves and refines the info it offers to both agents and customers.

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Image: Zendesk Guide Product Logo

“We love the help center in Zendesk Guide because it’s easy to use. We get some great analytics out of it in terms of which articles are being used the most. It helps us to make adjustments and to see what’s helping our users.”

— Gerald Hastie
Director, Global Customer Experience at Evernote

You have what it takes

With Guide, setting up a well-stocked knowledge base is easy. The Knowledge Capture app allows agents to turn every customer interaction into new content, flag old content for improvements, and leverage AI-powered article recommendations to share in tickets. Content managers can identify content that needs to be updated and rely on their entire team to contribute to content, including everything from approval and publishing workflows to vetting new articles and improving upon old ones — ensuring the best content is presented to both customers and agents.

“We put a premium on our help center. Allowing customers to get the right answer on their own is very important. We’ve invested a lot in making sure that we offer a robust help center, and we’re constantly revising it.”

— Andrew Jensen
Director, Payment Solutions at Lending Club

“The Mobile SDK has allowed us to provide quick answers through our help center. Also, we have more context about the users that request 1:1 support. It saves us a lot of time.”

— Josh Greenwald
Community support lead at SwiftKey

Thanks a bot

The Guide Answer Bot lends agents a helping hand, reducing their workload and freeing them up to focus on problems that require a human touch. Using artificial intelligence, Answer Bot automatically resolves high-frequency and low-touch tickets by suggesting relevant articles to customers while they wait for an agent. And Answer Bot keeps getting smarter. It learns from each customer interaction and trains itself to deliver more relevant and customized content with each solved ticket.

Our commitment to privacy

At Zendesk, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of information security, data privacy and transparency.

We have closely analysed the requirements of the GDPR, and worked to develop functionality to allow customers to comply with the GDPR. We have resources to help you learn more about how to use this functionality to comply with the GDPR.

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