Self-service portal - the solution for DIY

What is a support center?

Support centers (self-service portals) are online knowledge bases that help users and customers answer product or service questions themselves. Self-service portals accomplish this by allowing users immediate access to articles, videos, online requests and other help center features.

Self-service is fast service

The main advantage of self-service is that it works automatically. Instead of waiting on hold, users can quickly log their own ticket from an online portal at any time, from anywhere. Some portals include a registration step or similar process to build a long-term relationship with their users.

The fast lane to customer satisfaction

Do you like seeing long queues of people on hold? Of course not, and your customers don't like waiting in them either. When they can open their own requests for assistance, they feel empowered and they come away with a favorable impression of your company.

A well-designed, secure, self-service portal lets visitors log in anytime, search for information in a knowledge base and access user-generated support in a community forum.

The best time to provide self-service

A self-service portal is a low-maintenance technology investment. Although IT workers implement and manage it, they rarely need to write code for it. Most applications offer a free trial to get service teams get up and running quickly.

Create a portal with Zendesk Guide

Zendesk Guide is designed for quickly building a portal, a customizable help center and an online community so visitors get better self-service and agents see improved efficiency and faster resolution.

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