Employee Experience Trends Report

Discover how companies are finding ways to work smarter, attract top talent, and harness the collective power of their people to get ahead.

Last updated November 2, 2022

From the back office to the boardroom, internal support teams—such as HR, Legal, and Facilities—are now front and center with leadership teams. Not only are they leading company efforts to reimagine the workplace, but they’ve also become a vital tool in helping to attract and retain top talent as more and more workers consider leaving their jobs.

Companies now compete on how well they treat employees, but internal teams responsible for this important work aren’t getting the support they need to be effective. Change is possible—and critical. Without it, internal support teams may be facing an upheaval of their own with higher predicted churn rates over the next year than their customer-facing peers.

Luckily, these teams have a clear sense of what they need to turn it all around. To help businesses understand and correct for pain points, we surveyed internal support team members and managers from 21 countries for our Employee Experience Trends Report.

Here’s how to keep your internal teams, your employees, and ultimately your business, supported and thriving—no matter what comes next.