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‘Power-Up’ your support with Zendesk and Trello

By Julie Barbezat

Last updated August 26, 2016

If you’re an avid Trello user, you might be familiar with the frustration of having to switch between Trello and Zendesk in order to communicate with different teams. Trello fixed this problem with the Zendesk Power-Up, an easy way to attach Zendesk tickets and views to Trello cards—letting you surface important Zendesk information directly in Trello. Until today, Power-Ups have been reserved solely for Business Class users. Not so anymore.

Trello is making Power-Ups available to all 16 million Trello users. Free and Gold Trello users can enable one Power-Up on each team board, while paid users on Business Class and Enterprise plans can use as many boards as they want.

Let’s explore a typical use case. When bugs occur, it’s common for multiple users to report the same issue. As tickets come into Zendesk, support agents can attach them to a Trello card and notify the relevant engineering team about the bug. Trello cards can be set up for each bug (or project), and support agents can easily attach all the Zendesk tickets associated with the bug to the Trello card. Attaching tickets to Trello boards also makes it easy to provide customer feedback directly to product development teams, helping to make collaboration between support, product managers, and developers simple and easy.

Free users can only activate a single Power-Up at a time, so choose—but choose wisely. You can download the Zendesk Power-Up from the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. Once the Trello app is enabled, simply open a ticket and the Trello widget will appear to the right. From there, you can add the ticket to an existing card, or create a new one. The interface allows you to specify the board, list, and card where the ticket will be added. Enjoy your newfound power.

Visit the apps marketplace to download the Trello app