Agility in action

Agility is a muscle - learn the concrete steps you can take to seize that opportunity and put it into action. 

Turn agility into a competitive advantage

In customer experience, agility means we’re able to respond to changing conditions quickly, make change easier to manage, and turn change into opportunities to better connect with customers.

Hear from some of the foremost minds in agility

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Improve your agility skills with our masterclass sessions

The magic of 'what if?'

with Duncan Wardle, Former Head of Innovation and Creativity, Disney
Everyone talks about innovation. Take risks! Be brave! But few actually know how to innovate. Duncan has a set of tools that makes innovation accessible to all by making the process easy, tangible, and fun

Unlocking agility

with Gus Balbontin, Former Chief Technology Officer, Lonely Planet
Gus explains how to unlock agility and overcome the challenges of corporate momentum. Learn how to break traditional, repetitive business processes in favor of agile and more entrepreneurial models.

How to be an agile leader

with Alex Constantinople, Chief Marketing Officer, Zendesk
It's challenging to lead teams when everything seems to be changing. Learn the 3 foremost things that agile leaders do to keep morale high, inspiration humming, and teams intact.

Building an agile culture

with InaMarie Johnson, Chief People & Diversity Officer, Zendesk
During times of change, an agile culture should support your business, your employees, and your customers. Learn how to build a culture that can grow and evolve with you and with all the unknowns ahead.

Rethinking digital-first work

A conversation with three COOs: Operating with Agility

with Jully Kim, Sr. Director, Engineering Practices and Enablement, Zendesk
with Wendy Johnstone, Chief Operating Officer-APAC, Zendesk
Agile teams are led by inspiring leaders and made up of skilled, self-aware, and collaborative team players. Hear what makes up a productive virtual team. Hint: Strong communication and big picture thinking required.
Agile organizations are lead by agile leaders. Hear from Zendesk's trio of COOs on how they guide their teams to regional and global success. Each COO will share their top guiding principle to building and advising agile teams.  

Turn agility into a competitive advantage